Friday, May 29, 2015


Tongariro ANZAC Learning Task
Each answer should be several sentences, or even a short paragraph. Show me that you have understood your reading well.

Anzac biscuits
  1. Why were ANZAC biscuits sent to soldiers? they don't have good food to to eat
  2. What are the ingredients in ANZAC biscuits (write a list) go down for ingredients
  3. Compare the different ways of transport from WW1 and now. ww1 stuff is not as efficient as the things we have now  

Ways of transport WW1
Ways of transport 2015
Soldiers got to Gallipoli by boat
Soldiers would probably catch a plane now.
by plane
Some might use a tank
by trains
by horse

army trucks

trucks with missile launchers

  1. Design a new type of food that could be good have been good for soldiers in WW1. It must not go bad quickly, and it should provide energy for them. canned baked beans it does not go to bad and is good for you

Write down three of your highlighted words and explain their meaning in your own words

Prior Knowledge
What was your prior knowledge of ANZAC day? (What did you write in the modelling book?)

Making Connections
Make and explain a connection you have made with this text. It can be text to self, text to text or text to world.

ingredients for anzac biscuits

oats   coconut flour   sugar    butter     baking soda    golden syrup  

Friday, May 22, 2015

Emotive Writing

Boom the start pistol went. I was running as fast as I could. My legs felt like jelly,my lungs were on fire. Could I last the distance? but look there was the finish line tape. Soon enough, I could hear thumps behind me. NO! Connor G was up and going on me! I just got there I did not think I could keep the lead but I just got there yes yes YES!  but that noise it made me think I was in war.

           But most of all I did my best

that sound at the end made me think I was at war. also medieval time it’s cool but scary at the same time it’s like i’m in another world I have a drink of water and keep thinking yes i've got a good description for it a ghost is following me thats a good one mum comes and picks me

up I get in the car and tell mum all about it THE END.

Best buddies

Me and Rory are Best friends. We do heaps together and we like being in the same class. Rory has good imagination so do I. well I think we started being friends  when I was 8 I think don't get me wrong it was a while ago.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fish fish and fish?

I can see is yellow white and black fish. trying to find food and also a stingray that is looking for the shore to lie on the sand.  Dolphin is happily swimming in the ocean.. There is an island in the distance. Also the shining water looks fresh and clean. It makes me feel I want to drink it.