Thursday, May 26, 2016

Japan's New Train Will Be "Invisible"

Japan's New Train Will Be "Invisible"

Hi it's me Camden. Today I will be blogging my cool reading task about Japanese trains. Hope you like it my blog fans and fellow bloggers.

Read the article and watch the video.

WALT summarise information

Answer these questions:

What is Japan well-known for? state-of-the-art high-speed railway system.

How does the Magnetic Levitation train get its name?  Maglev (magnetic levitation)

What record did it break? The fastest train at 375 mph
What is different about the new train being built?   It is going to be invisible  

Why does Seibu Railway wish to build it?  Because it is the 100th anniversary of the company

Who is the architect responsible for the design? Kazuyo Sejima
Why was the train's route perfect for this design? ranging from the mountains of Chichibu to the tall skyscrapers of Tokyo.

What will the interior of the train be like?  the exterior of the train is slick and ultramodern,

Critical Thinking Challenge

Do you think high-speed railways could replace domestic air travel in the future? Why or why not?     Well maybe because trains can be faster than planes this is a mabe here is my theory

PLANES are very heavy> Planes have big jets> Planes can only go more than 100 kph  

TRAINS not as heavy as planes> trains have very fast motors> trains can go up to 375

So you have it the winner is
All caught up!


I was at the Rose and Shamrock in Havelock. I felt really good for my little brother Felix- it was his 6 month birthday. He had eaten his food- it was peach and apple puree. By then we were still waiting for our orders from the workers. Mum and the others were still talking about the food  which was ok. I was just drawing an Enderman with a diamond sword when I saw the plate that was mine! "Yum" I thought. It had two of everything in the kids menu like mini hot dogs and chicken nuggets. It was a big lunch. Everybody was still loving the food and gobbling the food up and I was trying to entertain my little brother. Five minutes later we had to go home. It was a good day at the Rose and Shamrock.


Madam Spry
WALT summarise

ENEMIES:mr mustard
PHYSICAL dESCRIPTION:she is a spy a very sly spy

ACTIONS:madam Spry can walk up walls and fly with her helicopter hat and hide behind walls

PERSONALITy:likes to sing like dangerous missions

BIG aCCOMPLISHMENTS: 1 she got a big check and she was rich and HUGO GOT HIS STEAK  book 2 that madam spry found the diamond (book 3 that madam spry send mr mustard to antarctica so he can’t be mean to kids no more

Quote: do good deeds and you will get something back camden<<<