Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Dad Brett

What my Dad looks like.
Brett-my Dad
Physical Description
Character Traits
a bit of hair on the sides


rose uniform

black shoes

great smile







He works at the rose and shamrock.

Plays Destiny on PS4.

Eats a lot of weetbix.

Likes to get out and play rugby with Camden

tries to sell nice wine at the rose

meets up with mr m at the rose

does dad time with camden (jumping on tramp)

cook diner sometimes????


What my Dad does most days.
My Dad works at the Rose and Shamrock. He sells fancy wine and beer etc. If you meet my dad he is a great guy he says hi and  hello to everybody. Every time my dad goes to work he wears his uniform Sometimes I get to come to his work and go in the staff only place. I  help him to pick up the boxes it’s cool being Dads little helper. When Dad comes home we do dad time which is jumping on the tramp and playing rugby. Dad loves cracking jokes just for the fun of it. They are more funny than a lemur laughing. It usually cracks me up.

My Dad looked like a barbarian with his old moustache. But he is almost fully BALD but my dad still looks good bald. His uniform is all black but on saint patrick's day he’s all green. Dad has a great smile and he usually smiles for everything it’s cool that I have the best Dad in the world.

A quiz of my DAD!
<my Dad Brett
>my Aunty justine  
Q: What’s your favourite Game?  A: old school Battle Chess now Destiny and also Rocksmith
Q: What is your favourite tv show?  A: Rome
Q: What's your favourite food?  A:Gnocchi
Q: What's your favourite place?  A: Scotland

Q: What is your favourite movie?  A:Tombstone